Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The most elite British military unit was started after the founder infiltrated a ship, carved his initials and escaped unnoticed!

The British Special Boat Section (equivalent of the SEAL Team 6) was established after its founder infiltrated a Royal Navy ship, carved his initials into the captain’s door, and then escaped unnoticed.
The Special Boat Section was founded in July 1940 by a man named Roger Courtney. He had been a commando recruit that year, and had been sent to the Combined Training Center in Scotland.
Initially, he tried to convince his superiors that his idea of a folding kayak brigade was a good one, but he had no luck.
He decided then to infiltrate the HMS Glengyle to make his point. While it was anchored, he paddled to the ship, climbed about, wrote his initials on the door to the captain’s cabin, stole a deck gun cover, and left undetected.
He gave the deck gun cover to some high ranking officers nearby. They responded by promoting him to captain and giving him command of twelve men in the first Special Boat Section.

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