Sunday, October 7, 2012

In Denmark, you get paid to go to school! Read more at

The student grant loans are for secondary and tertiary schools in Denmark. They are administered by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Higher Education. The universal grants are known as SU, or Statens Uddannelsesstotte; state educational support grants. All students 18 and older are entitled to a free grant.
The grants are regulated partly by the income of the recipient’s parents if they are below 20 years old. The basic rate for students 20 years old and older is about $960 USD per month! Once a student starts at a university or other high education institution, they are entitled to an SU for six years. With the exception of medicine, university degrees take five years.
This gives each student a year extra to change degrees or study more things with the extra year. Get this, all education in Denmark is free of charge. Yes, from grade school up to college and any official higher education is completely free.

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